Trish Clarke-Jennings is a fine-art artist focusing on floral and landscape paintings and figure drawings. She lives in British Columbia’s beautiful Lower Mainland and draws much of her inspiration from the natural splendour that surrounds her. Trish is enamoured of organic shapes, the elegance and flow of nature, from floral petals to the human form. She is especially interested in exploring new ways to emotionally engage the art viewer, and believes in using her creative materials in ever-expanding and unique ways.

Trish counts Georgia O’Keeffe and fellow British Columbian Emily Carr among her primary influences. She studied visual arts at Kwantlen College and the Academy of Art in Vancouver before leaving her import/export business in 2010 to devote herself to art full-time.

A proud supporter of the Canadian Cancer Society, Trish donates 100% of profits from her reproductions to them.

Artist's Statement

"The visual vocabulary I’m using is from the perspective of an ant: to explore what it would be like it curl up among the fragrant, voluptuous, intensely colourful petals of a flower. As part of my creative process, I wonder how I can engage the viewer in this visual dance and what their reaction will be, how it will affect them visually and emotionally. Can the viewer feel the joy I found in creating this piece? The romance, the intoxication in the form and beauty that each blossom holds? 

Once I decide on the subject, I carefully draw out each blossom to make sure the composition works. Then I pause to see if the painting has anything that it needs to say to me. The drawing looks different on a large scale and has a different feeling about it, so I pause and listen. I wonder if I were to add silver leaf or leave a part out of focus, what would that look like? I wonder. Then I paint, not wanting to stop, just going with the flow, enjoying the dance! After a while, I slow down and carefully refine each stage until it is finished."

Past Shows

2018 Timms Center

2018 Vinoscenti Winery

2017 Fort Gallery

2017 Timms Center

2016 Fort Gallery

2016 ACT Ensemble Show

2015 Act Ensemble Show

2015 CFA Foliage and flowers

2015 Art Vancouver

2015 Art Studio, Tour Maple Ridge

2014 ACT Ensemble Show
2014 ABC Art Gallery – sol0 show
2013 Maple Ridge Art Studio Tour
2013 Merritt City Art Walk
2012 Maple Ridge Art Studio Tour
2011 Maple Ridge Art Studio Tour
2010 New Creations Gallery
2009 Maple Ridge Art Studio Tour
2004 Royal Bank, Main Branch, Vancouver, BC